Pandora 23 is the oldest and the largest Helium-3 mine in the Pandora System.

However, in the last decade, Pandora 23 has fallen into disrepair as times have become tighter, He3 reserves on the asteroid have dropped and demands on the mine & crew have grown.

The Pandora Engineering Group continues to demand higher He3 quotas. The Sovereign Order of Unionized Pandora continues to increase taxes, tariffs & fees. Marauder raids on mines and piracy on cargoes has increased to unforeseen levels. Meanwhile, the Space Corps has raised the standards for health & safety. All of this has resulted in few dollarpounds to reinvest in the aging mine.

In light of all of this, PEG has sacked a good portion of the the Pandora 23 crew and is hiring new blood. PEG is hoping that younger, hungrier miners will be willing to work harder & face more dangers, all for less wages. Time will tell if this strategy is as insane as it sounds.

Pandora 23