Pandora 23

Junk Mine

One Man's Treasure ...

Our intrepid victims … er … party enter Deck 48 of the Pandora 23 mine. This deck, known as the Junk Deck, is simply awash in dust, detritus and refuse. The deck had seen better days, at least according to the signs, this was once the Recycle Deck. Now it is merely a neglected trash heap.

Almost immediately, the party sensed danger, the sound of tiny metal feet in the duct work. Upon entering a hold filled to the gills with half destroyed shuttle bits, they were attacked by six legged rogue skutters! The skutters, armed with wrenches, pipes and bits of rotting wood, began launching themselves at the party, and anything else that got in the way. Often, these great leaps did more damage to the skutters than anything else, however Liska was badly injured early in the fray. Eventually, due to keen skill, luck and the stupidity of these mad mechs – the party was victorious and most shockingly – alive!

The party determined that the skutters were infected with a computer virus. After an inventory of the hold, an inventory that revealed indeed there would be enough parts to build a ship, the group adjourned to do some research and gather supplies. They discovered in the records that a few decades ago there was an issue with a virus called Vomisa. These skutters seem to have been infected as well. Fearing the worse, the party investigated the rest of the mine, as well as they could remotely, to see if other mechs were revolting and attacking. No immediate threat was detected, perhaps this virus had been contained.

The group decided to return to the deck, only this time better armored. They found padded armor (in bright colors!) in the practice dojo. They are ready to kick tiny metal butts and build a shuttle!



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