Pandora 23

Pirate Cutter

Can pirates really be this dumb?

We left our Heroes in the precarious position of just having boarded a pirate vessel being fired upon by the Space Corps. Over the next hour, the group slowly advanced fore, facing seemingly dumber and dumber pirates as they went. Liska stunning, Aurora lasing and Bobby punching.

Along the way, as we have come to expect, Liska was quite the marksbeing with her stunner, and she was hit several times by enemy weapons, nearly killing her – again, as expected.

The surprise of this fight came from Aurora, who, after multiple attacks, missed only a few times – leaving a trail of vaporized pirates in her wake.

The final tumultuous battle, between the group and the Pirate Captain, led to another surprise. Bobby, who is not much with a pistol, is a darned good shot with a laser pistol set on overload and used as a grenade! The captain didn’t stand a chance!

In the end, the team found the crate and the stasis pod they were tasked to retrieve. They succeeded in using the controls in the pirate captain’s office to take over the ship, gas the crew, call off Fighter 359 and even talk the flyboy into giving them an escort back to Pandora 23. As a bonus, the pirate ship, crew & cargo generated bounties and they were able to tow the hulk of the SS Civilian Casualty back for repairs.

The next evening, the contents of the crate & pod were revealed – at Capt. Cassius Case’s birthday party. The crate contained a fake cake and the pod contained a pleasure gelf with six breasts and real bunny ears! Turns out, her rescue also generated a reward: $£250.



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