Capt. Cassius Case

Captain of Pandora 23


Cassius was born on Mars to a working middle class family. He strove and succeeded in school, becoming both a scholar and an athlete.

Cassius entered Bradbury University on Mars where he excelled as a student and became a well known Zero Gee player. Unfortunately, Better Than Life VI came out about the same time. Cassius began playing the game and became very involved, eventually his grades dropped. This caused him to be dropped from the team.

Cassius was able recover enough to finish his degree. He entered the Space Corps, working on the officer track. Midway into his studies, Better Than Life VII hit the shelves. Once again, Cassius found himself addicted to a game. And, again, by inches, Cassius was able to complete his studies and become a Certificated Officer.

Due to this lack-luster performance, the Space Corps assigned Capt. Case to a back water post, namely Pandora 23.

Capt. Cassius Case

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