Commander Mary Decker

Young and Ready to Fight.


Mary Decker began her life in Northern California. Her folks enrolled her into a junior ROTC program. In short order, Mary was top of her class and excelled in leadership qualities.

Mary considered going the route of typical military service, but decided that the constant threat of violence wasn’t for her. Still, she could envision a career for herself in say the merchant marine or … the Space Corps!

Mary set about with a plan. If she took the worst assignments, the most unwanted posts, she could rise in rank quickly and perhaps even retire young. She began on supply vessels, hospital ships and even garbage scowls. Then, a post opened for an XO on a mine vessel in the Pandora System – perfect!

That was seven years ago. Mary is a bit off of her schedule, she has been passed over for promotion six times. However, she keeps hanging in, hoping to find a way to advance to Captain either on Pandora 23 or on another vessel.

Senior Certificated Executive Officer, Commander Mary Decker will achieve her goals!


Commander Mary Decker

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