Old Karl

Ancient, Pissed Bog Bot from Hell!


Karl is a series 1000 DivaDroid Service Mechanoid. He served as a hotel bartender for 245 years in some Jovian bar that changed hands 50 times. He was just another piece of equipment, like the tables & glasses.

When the bar burned down, instead of being sent to Silicon Heaven, Karl’s charred carcass was sold to a scrap dealer. PEG bought him to act as a janitor on Pandora 23. He was cheap, he’d keep stuff clean – it was a good deal for everyone.

Karl was already extremely obsolete when PEG purchased him. He was already dealing with some droid rot issues. He followed orders and did his work, but he was extra surly about it. His constant jibes and hurled insults were an unending source of amusement for the P23 crew.

As P23 has gone down the tubes, so has Karl. He hasn’t shut down or had a head swap in half a century. His droid rot is out of control.

No one is sure where he spends most of his time. However, he can be found randomly roaming the halls, usually with a broom or shovel in his hand, mumbling to himself. He will sometime stop someone and give them a piece of his mind, then wander off in a seemingly random direction. Somehow, the bathrooms stay clean.

Old Karl

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