Piledriver’s best known and loved mining lasers are yours at a good price!

Bazookoid(tm) MkI & MkII

Bazookoid™ MkI & MkII

If you are going to do any serious mining, you have to have a Bazookoid™ mining laser. The MkI was good, but the MkII, with its shorter range and higher power is better for MINING – not being used as a weapon. These are MINING LASERS – how many times do we have to tell you guys this stuff?!

Bazookoid™ Pistol

When you are doing MINING WORK in tight spaces (not shooting people – MINING!) the Bazookoid™ Pistol is perfectly suited to the needs of today’s tight space working miner.

Weapon Damage Half Damage Max Range Rate of Fire Shots Cost
Bazookoid™ Mark I 3d 100 150 1 12/C 2000DP
Bazookoid™ Mark II 3d+3 70 100 1 10/C 3500DP
Bazookoid™ Pistol 2d+3 60 80 2 12/C 1500DP

Setting a round to Heat Seeker mode uses two additional charges (three total) but is +3 to hit. Cannot use this function with the pistol.


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