Pandora 23

The Pandora Engineering Group purchased the deed for the largest asteroid in the Pandora System in late 2372, just a few years after the discovery of the system.

The asteroid had been the 23rd surveyed for mineral wealth. The Helium-3 deposits were impressive.

In early 2373, PEG passed and accepted a budget to construct an He3 mine in 12 phases. This plan was titled Project: Pandora 23 Mine. The first tunnels and structures were constructed for the large scale He3 extraction operation later in 2373.

The 2390s saw a golden age of production for the mine. Billions of dollarpounds of He3 flowed out of the mine. Miners and management alike were made rich.

A change in management at PEG just after the turn of the century signaled the end of the era. Higher quotas were demanded while lower wages were paid. Veteran miners retired and a new crop of rougher miners were hired.

PEG even began to use convict labor at Pandora 23. Due to poor financial planning, budgets for security were short. Security measures were thus rather lax and many of these convict laborers escaped. These convicts took to raiding and looting along with escaped convicts from other mines.

Today, captained by Capt. Cassius Case, Pandora 23 is a shell of its former greatness. Facilities are in disrepair, labor and management are in disarray.

In short, P23 is a hellhole.

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Pandora 23

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