Pandora Engineering Group

Pandora Engineering Group holds a monopoly charter to exploit all the resources of the Pandora System. PEG invests in various forms of Helium-3 mining as well as other mineral and gas mining operations.

PEG holds the license & deed to asteroid Pandora 23, the largest individual asteroid in the Pandora System. There, on the asteroid, in 2373, the first tunnels and structures were erected for what would be a large Helium-3 extraction operation.

Pandora 23, as well as a dozen other operations, entered a golden age of production about two decades ago. Trillions of dollarpounds of He3, as well as titanium, iridium & gold flowed out of the system.

Now, some 50 years later, Pandora 23 and many other operations are mere shadows of their former greatness. Management at PEG has become lazy, inept & decadent – all of which you can read about in the quarterly sales newsletter.

PEG may be on the way out, but at least it appears to be planning to take the rest of the Pandora System out with it!

Pandora Engineering Group

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