Pandora System

In 2368, prospectors from the Jupiter Mining Corporation, while scanning the asteroid belt in the Sol System for Helium-3 deposits, struck upon a major sensor anomaly. They had discovered a source of He3, but not one that was local to the asteroid belt.

Upon further investigation, they discovered what could only be called a Helium-3 fountain, some 1.75 light years from Sol. The particle density wasn’t very high, but the particles were moving quite fast and thus the sensor anomaly.

A ship was sent to investigate. A wormhole was discovered. The wormhole was accelerating He3 from somewhere else in the galaxy. As it turned out, 1167 light years from Sol.

A probe was dropped into the wormhole. The probe in a matter of minutes revealed a trinary system; three stars locked in a complicated orbit. A series of asteroid belts skirted the edges of the stars. The entire system was rich in Helium-3, iridium and other minerals.

The Captain of the JMC ship that dropped the probe through the wormhole named the system Pandora. She was quoted as saying “What box of trouble have we opened this day?”

The tidal forces of the triple star system plays merry havoc with all of the material in the system. Planetary formation did not occur as it did in the Sol system. Any material not involved in the creation of the three stars was ejected away or locked into distant orbit. Untold numbers of comets cycle the system at tremendous speeds, crashing into anything unlucky enough to cross their path. Even the stars themselves are tearing at each other. Most of the He3 appears to have originated from Pandora Beta, the mid-sized yellow star, as its corona is pulled away by larger Pandora Alpha and jetted away by Pandora Gamma. The He3 has collected in asteroid pockets for billions of years.

Astrophysicists believe the entire system will collapse within the next 200 million years as Beta & Gamma will collide, changing the orbit of Alpha, allowing it to collide with the newly formed mass of Beta/Gamma. When the three finally come together, they will ignite a nova that will destroy the system.

Until then, party time!

Pandora System

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