Sovereign Order of Unionized Pandora

When the Pandora System was first discovered, several corporations were chartered to exploit the system. Many of those corporations either quickly failed or were quickly bought out by other corporations. In less than a decade only a few corporations were left and competition was fierce, cutthroat.

Eventually, The Space Corps stepped in to broker a peace. A charter & constitution were written establishing a government for the system.

The new government was built along the lines of a corporation. The groups involved sacrificed various administrative functions, donating them to the government while agreeing to follow their rulings as if they were an arbitrator. This formed the basis for a bureaucracy helmed by an executive committee. For a couple of decades, this worked well.

Eventually, the committee found themselves deadlocked. They voted in an executive, one Paulo Savage. Paulo’s son, Dr. Raul Savage, CEO of Savage Automation served briefly when Paulo was found dead under some mysterious circumstances.

In short order Sebastian Savage was appointed to executive. Sebastian’s first & second acts were to abolish the committee and appoint himself dictator for the next 1000 years.

Sovereign Order of Unionized Pandora

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