Sebastian Savage

Dumbass, Greedy Playboy, Tinpot Dictator ...


Sebastian was born in a wealthy enclave on Luna. His family owns Savage Automation and Sebastian is a child of that wealth & privilege.

Sebastian attended the best schools, However his grades were deplorable. He graduated only because his father, Paulo Savage, paid his way through. Both Sebastian’s high school and college have buildings with the name “Savage” attached. None of the schools attended by Sebastian’s older brother, Raul, have any buildings named after the family.

Sebastian spent the decade after graduation blowing his trust fund on booze, drugs, women, cars – anything for a thrill. Idle rich and proud, Sebastian was the worst kind of Playboy. His exploits were seemingly constant fodder for the tabloids. At age 30, he had been married four times and divorced six …

Raul took over ruleing the Pandora System Executive Committee after the mysterious death of his father, Paulo. However, Savage Automation required Dr. Raul Savage’s genius more than Pandora. Raul saw to it that Sebastian was “elected” Executive of the system.

Sebastian went along with the joke. He always loved a good gag. He immediately issued a series of decrees. The first dismissed the Executive Committee. The second decree appointed Sebastian Grand Dictator for 1000 years. He would continue to be called Grand Dictator even in the case of his death. Other decrees declared his dogs his heirs and his luxury shuttle a place of worship.

Sebastian’s exploits continue to make headlines. All of the hype distracting from the declining conditions in the Pandora System. It has gotten so bad, Sebastian has been seen by the media to take lavish bribes in public, as if they were tribute or tithes. He keeps a cadre of sex-workers in his extravagant entourage. He rarely speaks publicly, because when he does, the stock markets tend to take a hit.

Sebastian Savage

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