Pandora 23

BunnyGurl Ranch

Strippers run amok!

Commander Mary Decker asks the team to resume their assumed identities to return the pleasure GELF from the Captain’s party.

The Civilian Casualty and her crew fly off to make the return to the closest franchise of BunnyGurl Ranch Inc., this franchise being owned by one Phil Dimpledong who has all the creep-out factor of John Waters without any of the charm.

After the successful return of Mr. Dimpledong’s property … er … employee, the franchise owner reveals he has a problem. He has heard of the Casualty and her crew and thinks they could help. It would seem he had sent out eight of his prized slaves … em-er … employees and they have yet to be heard from. They were sent to a small He3 mine called Victory. Mr. Dimpledong, whom our heroes have begun to refer to as “Double D”, offers a handsome bounty. The team accepts and off they go.

Long range communications with the mine are down, by the time the Casualty is in visual range, short range communications are established. Their calls are answered by Raul Mayweather, the mine foreman. He has the mine workers & staff locked up in the vault where they keep their precious metals ready for transport. The foreman informs our heroes that there have been no fatalities but that the BunnyGurls have run amok! They are ripping apart the mine, they have attacked the employees and at this point many of them are chasing after the service mechs with Bazookoids!

The crew jumps into action, getting the schematics and security codes for the mine’s systems. They realize that direct action is required before someone gets hurt. They try the airlock, but, even with all their might, they are not able to budge the damaged heavy door. It would appear someone melted it from the inside with a mining laser!

Checking the schematics, our heroes discover another way in – a cargo elevator platform. Normally one would reach it from the inside, but from here it will require a space walk. This quickly proves dangerous as none of the team members are very good in micro gravity.

Next, our dogged heroes investigate the auto shuttle the BunnyGurls used for travel. It’s a small shuttle; a very simple cockpit with ten passenger seats and a small common area/galley. In the galley there is a waste container with a dozen vials of XXXtacy XXXperience, a “love drug”. There is also one empty vial of XXX-12 Combat Cocktail. Another vial missing three doses is in a nearby injector. There are four more vials in a nearby box. In short, it would appear the BunnyGurls each injected themselves with a drug making them killing machines instead of their typical aphrodisiac. The bottom of the combat drug box is signed:

Get Groovy! Apollo

The team looks into Apollo, discovering he is a small time drug dealer … and that while they are researching him, he had been apprehended by Commander Bo Kellogg of the Space Corps.

The team again decides to attempt to get inside the mine. Liska works out a scheme to turn off the air to most areas of the mine, suffocating the raging strippers. Aurora pilots the auto-shuttle to the cargo elevator platform. The team descends to the main level where they again find a door that has been fried from the inside, miraculously it still holds air. The team puts forth an effort to open the door, but it’s Bobby that finally pulls the crowbar with herculean strength and swings the door wide.

Almost immediately upon entering, the team finds themselves in a fire-fight. The BunnyGurl shooting a Bazookoid on full auto, the team firing back with stunners. This pattern repeats itself several more times, Bobby takes a hit to the chest that is absorbed by an armored jacket. Aurora is thrown across a room when her makeshift shield is targeted & hit square. Liska manages somehow to NOT get set on fire …

The valiant crew soon have the BunnyGurls stunned, hogtied and sedated. The grateful foreman pays them for their services. Liska gathers the tapes of the incident for later editing as an action/horror/porn blockbuster! With the return of the strippers, the legend of the SS Civilian Casualty and her crew grows ever wider.



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