Savage Automation Cybermek Labor Mech
Lavatory Cybermek

Savage Automation created a simple labor mech design and released it in 2303. The design was modular and easy to maintain and upgrade. Initially the design was for a mining mech, but the modularity of the design led to other applications. Soon Cybermeks could be found in kitchens, toilets, motor pools and even armed performing simple security duties.

The design has flaws in that the chassis either floats along on a repulsor or a half-track system or simple wheels, depending on the application. Stairs are nearly impossible to navigate unless the repulsor is upgraded on the more expensive models. However, ramps & elevators eliminate most of these issues.

Kitchen Cybermek

Cybermeks, due to their simple software, are seemingly more susceptible to the dreaded Vomisa Virus. In the Teens, most notably 2315, tens of thousands of cybermeks were infected and culled. This cost various facilities untold dollarpounds, and, unsurprisingly, was a boon to Savage Automation, who was able to turn insurance pay outs into new sales and upgrades while recycling and reselling the remains of the destroyed mechs. This would have been a PR nightmare had Vomisa attacked only SA mechs. Unfortunately, the virus was indiscriminate, attacking any mech with an IQ above that of a DMV employee.


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