Savage Automation

Founded by Paulo Savage early in the history of the Pandora System, Savage Automation quickly grew as the needs for mining automation increased.

Savage Automation Mechs can be found throughout the system, working in nearly every large He3 mine. They are strong, resilient, inexpensive and simple to operate & repair. All requirements of the harsh environment of asteroid mining. Examples range from a six legged skutter variant to the ubiquitous cybermek.

Paulo became rich and influential enough that he became the chairman of the Sovereign Order of Unionized Pandora. Often, due to his level of influence, Paulo was simply refereed to as “The Executive” and this title for the committee chair has stuck to this day.

Paulo died of mysterious circumstances. Paulo’s eldest son, Dr. Raul Savage, attempted to helm both the Executive Committee and Savage Automation. This worked for a short time. However, eventually, Raul arranged for his younger brother, Sebastian Savage, to assume the powers of The Executive.

Dr. Savage has continued as CEO of Savage Automation to this day. In the last few years Dr. Savage has disappeared from the public eye. It is said he is consumed with his projects. Other rumors state that Dr. Savage has health issues and does not want those to embarrass his brother, the Dictator.

Savage Automation

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